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Human Design for Health Training

My 1 hour Human Design for Health Training includes an overview of the 5 energy types in Human Design, which are Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors and how each one is meant to exchange energy with the world around them in order to have more energy. It also teaches you how to eat, sleep and exercise for your energy type, whether fasting is good for you so that you can feel vibrantly healthy.
What is Human Design?
Human Design is the science of differentiation- it teaches us that we all operate so differently and we all have unique paths to success, joy and health.
Human Design tells you about your authentic self underneath the conditioning and programming you picked up from the world.
It also guides you on how to use your energy more effectively, tells you about your unique flavor of intuition and how to make the right decisions for yourself.
It shows you your superpowers, your gifts and talents and helps you live your purpose more fully.
It also tells you how to eat, exercise and sleep for your design.
How has Human Design improved my life?
Human Design has helped me realize that I’m designed perfectly and assisted me in accepting and loving myself. I was able to release self judgment, manifest my desires more easily and create a magical life that I love. I was also able to heal more easily by honoring my design in the way I take care of my body. 
Many of my clients have experienced quantum leaps in terms of experiencing more abundance, joy and improved health
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Human Design for Health Training
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Human Design for Health Training
$22.00 USD